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OSGeo Annual Report

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)
Dear all,

I am putting together content for our Annual Report, which the OSGeo  
Board asked me to compile.  I've received copies of many reports but  
there are still a few outstanding and one of them relates to your  
local chapter.  Please see the list here:


In some cases I couldn't find primary contacts for your chapter, so I  
am mailing you.  If I've got the wrong person, please forgive me and  
pass this note to the right person.  Otherwise, I am asking for your  
help by providing a few words about your local chapter activities  
during 2007 (even if the report tells that there wasn't much progress  
or things have changed).  The more content that we have the better  
the report will be.

You may populate the wiki directly, following a similar style as this  

Or just email me your text or document directly.   Any support you  
can provide would be greatly appreciated!  The initial deadline was  
February 15th, but have extended it slightly so you can be part of  
the process.  I need it by the end of the month.

Can you help?
Best wishes,

Tyler Mitchell
Executive Director
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
[hidden email]
P: +1-250-277-1621
M: +1-250-303-1831

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