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OL3 releases timeline

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we're planning to use OpenLayer 3 in our future projects, instead of OL2 which we know and we were using till now. We're speaking of medium and long term projects so we need a stable version of libraries from which to start.

Browsing OL3 past releases we saw about a release per month, but we also saw a lot of release notes in which properties, methods or complete classes were renamed or removed passing from one release to the next one.

This is a clear symptom of "work in progress", which is good, but at the same time this discourages us to use any OL3 version in our works, since our software will probably not be compliant with next month version, or the version two months next, and we can't continuously change already stable software from our side following OL3 develops.

We surely can "freeze", choose one OL3 release and use it, but this will "freeze" bugs too, since bugs will be obviously solved in future releases that are unlikely to be compatible with the one we choose.

So, the question: is there a planned timeline of future OL3 releases, or a date or an idea of when a "stable" version will be finally available?

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