OGCer V1.0 released

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OGCer V1.0 released

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OGCer v1.0 is the fastest map tiles downloader,which can get tiles from internet,if you need baselayer to development. OGCer V1.0 can meet you.
        which is development on Crawl Reptile technique and Space Technology .you only can use some levels,But I think maybe some levels develop base on OpenLayers is enough.
        this sofeware contains almost all countries,every country has 150 cities.if you want other city,you can contact me.let's look at the UI :

It is very easy to use.you only can flow the sequense.
        if you try it ,I think you can experience it fast. for me ,I think it is the fastest tile loader software.

 after complete,you will see a ogcer.html in the loaded location.cicik it ,you will see the loaded map.maybe you will feel amazing!

   if you had instlled JRE,you can download it from:
     if you had not,you can download it with jre: