OGC CITE compliance testing

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OGC CITE compliance testing

Dirk Stenger-2

I am writing as being an active deegree (https://www.deegree.org/)
developer but also being part of the OGC CITE team.

We, the deegree community, are planning to update the test
infrastructure to make sure that all new deegree releases are fully
compliant to the OGC specs.

I saw that OSGeo created a wiki page
(https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/OGC_Certification_Services) tackling this
topic and that it was presented during the last AGM.

As the deegree community is highly interested working closely together
with OSGeo and OGC, a couple of questions came up:

- I remember that OSGeo wanted to support integrating OGC CITE tests to
project infrastructures making it easy to execute the CITE tests. Is
there any documentation about the results? Maybe, the deegree community
can also profit from the results and help to improve them.
- Are there any other projects using automated OGC CITE tests? Maybe,
the deegree community can cooperate with them which might help both
sides to improve their CITE testing capabilities.

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