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North Carolina GIS Conference

Randal Hale

Good morning OSGEO US

I was contacted by the North Carolina GIS Conference and they are looking for FOSS4G Centered talks.

  • Integration of R and GIS
  • postgresql and other "open source" tools that ESRI is using (where)
  • Getting away from the overhead of SDE.  Just using SQL SPatial
  • Consuming SQL Spatial data directly in ESRIS tools like ArcMap
  • Anything QGIS related to market share or tech support

My plan is to present something there (just have to figure out what) - anyway - if anyone is in the area or wants to present Daniel Madding ([hidden email]) can answer more questions.


I'll be sending more emails out and about so I will apologize in advance for any double postings you might see. 


Randal Hale 
[hidden email]

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