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Nominations close tomorrow

Dionne Hansen

Reminder: Nominations for the OSGeo Oceania Board are closing tomorrow

Dear OSGeo Oceania Member,

This is a reminder that nominations for the OSGeo Oceania Board close tomorrow, 22 November 2020 at 23:59:59 Western Australia Standard Time.

There are “How To” instructions below. You can find more information about the election process on OSGeo Oceania wiki or a full description of our election process and timeline here.


Please be aware that being a Director on our Board is a formal role, and has a number of responsibilities attached. Also, since we have no employees, Directors are active in an operational sense, and not just in a strategy. Have a read of this AICD document on Board Director responsibilities and of our Terms of Reference and please get in touch with a current Board member if you have any questions, these can be found on the OSGeo Oceania wiki.

How to nominate

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else to sit on the Board, please send an email with the candidate's name, their usual place of residence (town/city/country), and a brief statement on why the person would make a good director. Please send nominations to [hidden email].

Other notable dates:

If there are more nominations than positions:

Voting will open: 29 November 2020

Voting will close: 6 December 2020* 

Results will be reported: 7 December 2020


*all closing times are 23:59:59 Western Australia Standard Time

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