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Hi All,

I'm experimenting with PostGIS layers with mitigated results.  I have a
shapefile that I uploaded into PostGIS using shp2pgsql with the proper
SRID.  The database I created to hold the table has Win1254 encoding.

When I load the shapefile directly in QGIS, I can see my attributes with
"identify".  When I load the same file this time from PostGIS, I can't
see any info about my attributes ("Aucune donnée trouvée" that is No
data found at the point where you cliked in the active layer).  The
polygons of the PostGIS table overlay perfectly the shapefile layer, so
I know the data in PostGIS has been uploaded correctly.  I also know the
attributes are there because I can view my PostGIS layer attributes
using uDIG.

In fact, I saw the attributes once in QGIS but I can't see them since
then.  I tried closing QGIS and opening it afresh with just that layer
(to be sure no other SRID would come into conflict) but I still can't
see any attributes.  Did anyone experience something similar ?  I'm on
0.9.0 on win XP.  The version I have I grabbed from some developer
website several days before I saw the formal announcement, so could it
be that I have a "non official" version ?


Yves Moisan

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