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No Data Provider Plugins

I use GRASS62 and would like to access it through the QGIS GUI. I am running
Fedora Core 6 on an AMD 64 bit machine. I installed QGIS, GRASS and related
software using the Fedora Package Manager. The libraries were installed in
/usr/lib64. My installation of GRASS works. When I start QGIS I get the
following message:
No Data Provider Plugins
No vector layers can be loaded. Check your QGIS installation

I then click OK, and the QGIS GUI appears. When I select the Plugin Manager,
from the Plugins pull down menu, I get the following message:

No QGIS plugins found in /usr/bin/../lib/qgis

I then click OK, and the QGIS Plugin Manger appears, however no plugins are
listed. If I try to change the plugin directory to /usr/lib64/qgis, where
there is a file, among other plugin files, no files are
accessible to be selected.

I think this problem may be a result of QGIS not looking in
/usr/bin/../lib64/qgis. Is /usr/lib64/qgis the correct directory to be
looking for plugins? If not, how do I access the plugins?


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