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Nigeria Micro Mapping Parties

Ayo Akinseye DSS

Hello All,

It took a while but we are up and running for 2017!!.

We intend to host 3 mapping parties from February 2017 to March 2017 in:

Lagos (Business Capital)
Abuja (Administrative Capital)
Ibadan (Numerous Educational Institutions)

In each of these cities we intend to bring together new and existing users of OSGeo products and start to organise the efforts from this part of the world in a clearer manner.

Each city is strategic in this initial run, since we intend to invite people from all spheres of work and life.

An important part of these agendas will be to create awareness, and encourage participants to start groups that can improve / contribute to all of OSGeo initiatives.

I have setup the pages on, OSM wiki and also updated the upcoming events section on the OSgeo Nigeria page

I was having some issues adding the dates to OSM current events wiki page.

Please share to where you feel may be relevant.

Wishing all a successful 2017.


Ayo Akinseye

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