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Next step: Question period

Thank you to the Bonn and Dublin teams for submitting a Letter of
Interest to host FOSS4G 2016.

The next step is for the OSGeo Conference Committee members to each
review the letters[1], and ask questions to the local committees, here
on this mailing list.  (the question period will run until 2015-01-18)

After that, the OSGeo Conference Committee will choose if the local
committees should proceed to the next step, a full proposal.  That
decision (to advance to the proposal stage) will come on 2015-01-19.

As for analyzing the number of submissions, throughout the years there
have been instances of one bid only, so having two energetic bids is
very exciting, and I personally thank the two teams for their initial
preparations and discussions already.



Jeff McKenna
President, OSGeo

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