New gvSIG 2.2 final version available

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New gvSIG 2.2 final version available

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Continuing with the development of the branch of gvSIG 2 version, a new
final version, gvSIG 2.2, has been released.

This version can be downloaded from the gvSIG project website [1], and
there are two distributions available: an installable one and a portable

The two main novelties of this version are the 3D View plugin, that
allow to create a 3D View from a 2D View, and the Editing extension,
that includes new functionalities.

Apart from these two extensions, the other new features of this version

- Labeling by scale
- Legend by scale
- Hyperlink to folders
- OGC services publishing
- Seismic formats
- Sailing symbols library


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