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New gvSIG 2.1 version

Mario Carrera-3

The gvSIG Association announces the publishing of the gvSIG 2.1 final
version [1].

This version, that is the first one based on the new architecture
oriented to users, has a lot of new features as you can see now.

Besides the new functionalities and the correction of a great number of
errors that have been detected thanks to the community collaboration, we
want to highlight the availability of a distribution for Linux 64 bits
and portable versions for Windows as well as for Linux.

Together with the gvSIG 2.1 releasing we publish the new gvSIG website,
that includes the old gvSIG Association website as well as the project
one, and at the same time a knowledge portal about the gvSIG technology.
Besides this new website will be to make the new products of the gvSIG
catalog visible, like gvSIG Roads or gvNIX.

We want to take advantage of this announcement to thank all the people
that have collaborated in making this new version reality, and all the
entities that have counted on the gvSIG Association services to solve
their needs on geomatics, helping to guarantee the sustainability of the
project at this way.

We hope you enjoy all the novelties of this version, that are:

     - Legends
        - Expresions
        - Proportional symbols
        - Graduated symbols
        - Dot density
        - Quantities by category
        - Charts (pies and bars)
        - Import/export SLD
     - Copy/paste geometries
     - Lateral buffer
     - Split line
     - Consecutive numbers function
     - Duplicated records function
     - Derived geometries
     - Chart document
     - Map sheets (map series)
     - Connection with OpenStreetMap services
     - New symbol libraries: Geology, POI Cities, Commerce,
Military-APP6, Collective Mapping, Colors, AIGA, Weather
     - PostGIS 2.x support (raster and vector)
     - Layout
        - Insert chart
        - New layout with TOC (table of contents) included.
        - New grid functionalities.
     - Portable views (thematic maps plugin)
     - Advanced dissolve geoprocess
     - Labeling
        - Advanced labeling
        - Halo option
        - Always show label option
     - Raster
        - Set projection to layer
        - Change data type
        - Create multi-file layer
        - Convert to grayscale
        - Integration of tools in the geoprocessing toolbox
        - Principal components tool improved
        - Georeferencing tool improved
        - Tasseled cap
        - Masks by regions of interest
     - Export to KML
        - Show attributes in ballon option
        - Use labels option
     - Reprojection:
        - Reprojection forcing
        - New EPSG projections support.
     - Scripting: raster data support
     - Layer loading:
        - Dragging layers from the file browser.
     - Memory management at the Preferences menu.
     - Dyschromatopsia / colour blindness
     - MsExcel format supporting as a table and a layer
     - CSV support
     - WFS service:
        - XY axis order selection.
     - Print performance improved
     - New design of info tool
     - Linux 64 bits supporting
     - Bug fixing

We hope 2015 is a year with a lot of novelties, where gvSIG 2.1 and the
new website are the first of them. Be aware of them!


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