New final version of gvSIG available: gvSIG 1.12

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New final version of gvSIG available: gvSIG 1.12

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New final version of gvSIG available: gvSIG 1.12

A new final version of gvSIG Desktop has been released: gvSIG Desktop 1.12.

It's available at the Downloads section of the gvSIG website [1].

The main new features of gvSIG 1.12 are:
 - Latest Sextante version (1.0) integrated.
 - Usability improvements in general (view maximized by default, random colors, fixed size and color in labelling, “all supported” filter at loading files, more user-friendly mouse wheel zoom, non-modal locator window, etc.).
 - Some bugfixes in Postgis driver.
 - Khmer and Persian translations included.
 - New versions of data access suported: WMS 1.3 and KML (latest).

The other new features, known problems, and other notes can be consulted at [2].

- Improvements in the PostGIS driver and in the layout document:
     · Sponsor: Deputación Pontevedra [3] and Consellería de Medio Ambiente, Territorio e Infraestructuras de la Xunta de Galicia [4]
     · Developer: gvSIG Assotiation [5] and Prodevelop [6]
- Improvements in usability, ODBC connections, OGC connections and more:
     · Sponsor: GeoEuskadi [7], Gobierno Vasco [8].
     · Developer: Software Colaborativo [9]
- Version release (bugfixing, testing and some new features)
     · Sponsor: gvSIG Assotiation, Fundación de la Ingeniería Civil de Galicia [10] and universidade da Coruña [11].
     · Developer: CartoLab [12], Icarto [13], Software Colaborativo, and gvSIG Assotiation


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