New development version of gvSIG 1.12 available

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New development version of gvSIG 1.12 available

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New development version of gvSIG 1.12 available

It has been released a new development version (build 1411) of gvSIG 1.12.

Since it is still under development, it is not recommended for production use, although we didn’t detected critical errors. This release contains all the new features that you will find in gvSIG-Desktop 1.12 final release, which will be released in a few weeks. Linux and Windows installers are available from the gvSIG downloads web site [1].

New features of the 1.12 version can be consulted in [2].

We need the help of all the gvSIG community for testing this version. Errors should be reported directly in the bug tracker [3] or in the gvSIG users mailing list [4] by sending a mail with a very clear subject (e.g. “bug in build 1411”).

In case we don’t find critical errors in a week, we will release a RC (release candidate) version and will start a new testing period. If once more no critical errors are found, we will release the final version.

Thanks for your contribution.


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