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New categories not visible in dropdown field

I am running genotwork 3.10.2. I needed to create some new categories. This
worked fine, the categories can be used in the search dialog and everywhere
else, but they do not appear in the dropdown filed in the metadata create
form. This should be useful, because the metadata creating user can select
the category imediatelly and must not use the 'change categories' option in
the search form. Deleting the cached files or restarting tomcat do not
help. So how do the new categories get visible in the dropdown field?
The second and minor question is how to get an icon attached to the new
categories. I copied two existing entries in the file gn_icons.less in the
categories-section and inserted the identifier of the new entries as you
see below, but the icons do not show up. Do i need to edit some other

.gn-icon-projects:before { content: @fa-var-paperclip }
.gn-icon-originalData:before { content: @fa-var-database }

Thank you in advance!

Uwe Seher

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