New York Code Sprint 2010 - Please join

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New York Code Sprint 2010 - Please join

Markus Neteler
Hi all,

just a reminder to developers that there is a C language oriented
OSGeo Code Sprint being organized for February of next year in New York.
Details and coordination on the wiki!

Dates: February 20 to 23, 2010.
Duration: Four days (Saturday to Tuesday) from approximately 9am-4pm


Get together project members to make decisions and tackle larger problems
(as done last year at the Toronto Code Sprint 2009). This code sprint
is targeting
members of the "C Tribe" (eg, Mapserver, GRASS, GDAL, Proj, PostGIS, MapGuide).
Other tribes are welcome to join the sprint, of course, but we hope
that "C Tribe"
members will give this event special consideration.

Hope to see GRASS represented there!

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