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New Mailing List: tiling; Feedback On WMTS
In the past, for tiling, we discussed tiling on an EOGEO list. In the
meantime, OSGeo has grown up, EOGEO has moved on, and it seems that
there isn't a very good home for future tiling discussions.

As a result, I have added a tiling list to the OSGeo mailing list

Projects that I hope to see people joining from: TileCache, Tirex,
Mapproxy, GWC, others, etc.

This list will be discussing general tiling ideas -- how to cache tiles,
how to manage caches, how to work with limited caches, where to put your
tiles, things like S3, etc. etc.  If you are at all interested in tiling
-- not at the level of a specific application, but in general -- please
join the list.

Additionally, if you are interested in discussing providing feedback to
the OGC regarding the WMTS spec -- especially if you are an implementer,
but also if you are a user -- I would encourage you to join the
standards list at OSGeo:

Several people have expressed interest in coordinating a response to the
OGC regarding the spec, and we would like to work together on this list
to coordinate.

-- Chris
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