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Jeff McKenna-2
Some may be interested to know that an 'ms4w-setup.exe' installer is now
available, compiled using NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).  An
initial build is posted on the downloads page

There are many problems with this initial version, but it's a start.
The goal is to post it and get feedback from users and other NSIS
developers.  Many other FOSS4G installers use NSIS, so it will be good
to use their existing scripts and experience.  The NSIS script used is
currently and will always be available on the download page to view, so
other NSIS knowledgeable people can give feedback/suggestions/code.

It's far from being "production/release ready", but I hope that people
still try it and give lots of feedback/recommendations.  Please do use
MS4W's Bugzilla to enter bugs and requests for enhancements
(, choose
Component: "Nullsoft Installer").

Current Features

- allows choice of root directory for installation
- creates DOS shell window shortcut on desktop (no more need to run
- creates start menu and desktop links
- uninstall from 'Add/Remove Programs'
- localhost browser desktop shortcut (firefox only, IE code exists but
is commented out)

Known Problems

- removal of some desktop/start menu shortcuts on uninstall
- no option to install ms4w packages (chameleon, fist,..)

Future Enhancements

- include option for ms4w package installations (chameleon, etc.)
- allow install in any directory
- localhost shortcut for default browser
- ability to specify desired apache port


This installer has existed for some time in some form.  It has been used
for several FOSS4G conferences for workshop installations.  Credit must
go to Yewondwossen Assefa who a few years ago created the initial
version of this.  It's finally available for the public, so we can all
enhance it together.


Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc.
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