New DVD ISO image with GeoFOSS

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New DVD ISO image with GeoFOSS

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi all,
Have been working hard on the next version of the GeoNetwork  
opensource CD. It's out to the printer now. The new print will be a  
DVD instead, and that's good news as I could fit way more GeoFOSS on  
it :-)

Besides the GeoNetwork opensource 2.0.3 fix release, the DVD also  
holds the following software, mostly with the very latest releases:

Deegree 2.1pre
FWTools 1.0.6
GDAL/OGR 1.3.2
GeoServer 1.4.0RC1
gvSIG 1.0RC2
Ka-Map 1.0b1
MapBender 2.4
MapBuilder 1.0.1
MapGuide 1.0.2
MapServer 4.8.4
OpenLayers 2.1
Ossim 1.6.6
PostGIS 1.1.5
QGIS 0.74
uDig 1.1RC4
WorldWind 1.3.5

and a range of supporting software.

The disk will be presented at the next UNGIWG and GSDI meetings in  
Santiago, Chili in 1.5 weeks.

An ISO image (2GB!) is available from
gn_os/GN_OS203.iso . Please don't start pulling all at once :-) Maybe  
OSGEO can host a copy on the OSGEO servers?