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Netcdf guru? Plz have a look

Richard Duivenvoorde
Hi List,

Most know that Peter P is busy creating MDAL dataprovider to be able to
load meshes [0].

Myself I did my first steps in creating a small netcdf using python with
3x7 cells and was puzzled by what I should see: 2x6 or 3x7 cells.
Depending on the way you load the data, QGIS shows different versions
(Geoserver as wms shows 3x7, Panoply shows 2x6 OR 3x7 depending on if
you use interpolation or not).

I created an question/issue for this [1]

But maybe some experienced netcdf user can tell us something about this?

And IF you are a guru :-)
Can somebody point me to a small projected netcdf (CF 1.6) so I can try
to create those (using python) too? Preferably this netcdf has some
time-slices so can be used as a WMS-T in Geosever AND loaded as Mesh in
QGIS (and show time-data). IF possible: epsg:28992 ...

Regards & Thanks for any pointers,

Richard Duivenvoorde

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