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Nested Splittter in Fusion

Rodolfo Moreno

I am making a new flexible layout (as of the slate template)

My first altenative is using nested splitters (for me is the better):
splitter1 (horizontal): map , sidebar
splitter2 (vertical): splitter1, taskpane

I was tried with no success.
Is it possible? if the answer is NO then My second alternative is:
splitter1 (horizontal): map , sidebar
and in the bottom Taskpane

I got it the second alternative, but with an issue.
The layout is OK on the first time that the layout is loaded, but if the
user changes the size of the window(browser), then all the widgets are
changed of size automatically except the taskpane on the bottom. finally the
taskpane on the bottom overlays to the map or disappears.
How could I fix this issue?

I found this link posted by PAUL SPENCER:
but there are no samples.

thanks in advance

Rodolfo Moreno

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