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Brent Wood-2


I have just received this email from Paolo, and am forwarding it with a bit of a shotgun approach to try & get it to as many NZ QGIS users as I can. Apologies to those of you who get multiple copies.

This mailing list [hidden email]) is the only one I know of for NZ specific QGIS stuff... and it is not an "official" one... just what I have got running from NIWA (where I work).

The NIWA QGIS Teamworks page ( ) is the closest thing I know of to a NZ QGIS Users web site... and input from anyone other than me is pretty minimal (as is any input from me really!)

There is no formal QGIS User Group in NZ, and as far as I'm aware, no-one with any interest is setting up a formal group with an elected representative.

The last message I got from Technology One, in NZ, who use QGIS as part of their GIS package, suggested that they are OK to work with a NZ USer Group, but will not be actively helping run such a group.

Is anyone interested on putting in the time to setup & run a formal NZ QGIS Users Group? My impression is not really... but I could be mistaken :-) 

I suggest any replies/discussion is carried out on [hidden email].
There is not much traffic!!

And one other question - is anyone else from NZ going to FOSS4G 2018 in Dar Es Salaam?


Brent Wood (enthusiatic QGIS user :-)

From: Paolo Cavallini <[hidden email]>
Sent: Wednesday, July 4, 2018 07:22
To: Brent Wood
Subject: NZ QGIS Users Group

Hi Brent,
we are currently improving the management of the users groups. We are
requesting all groups to:
* have an elected representative (who will also become that groups
voting member)
* purchase of the country domain or similar with a page host.
AFAICT, there is no NZ qgis domain. Would it be possible for you to
purchase it? Please do not hesitate asking in case you need any assistance.
All the best, and thanks.
Paolo Cavallini -
QGIS & PostGIS courses:,arcgis

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