Multiple keywords in CSW harvest search filter [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Multiple keywords in CSW harvest search filter [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Aaron Sedgmen
Hi GeoNetwork users,

I wish to configure an OGC CSW 2.0.2 harvest node in a GeoNetwork 3.0.2 instance that will filter on multiple keywords.  I can get it to successfully filter on a single keyword using Subject in the search filter, although I haven't found a way to specify multiple keywords for the Subject.  The online doco mentions an Add button for adding search criteria on the harvest configuration page, although I suspect the version I have predates this feature.

Before I modify the keywords in the metadata to resolve the problem I'd be keen to know if anyone has tips or tricks for getting the CSW harvest to filter on multiple keywords?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Aaron Sedgmen
Geoscience Australia

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