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Multinode and user accounts

Allan, David F

I'm looking to configure a multinode instance of geonetwork. However, following the documentation seems to result in a strange issue. When the new node is added it appears to still use the original database for storing and retrieving user accounts rather than the new database.

Steps to recreate:

1) Alter srv.xml to use a postgres database e.g localhost:5432/db1
2) Add a new node (node2) and point to an new database e.g. localhost:5432/db2
3) Log in to the new node as admin/admin and create a new user

The new user is being stored in db1.public.users rather than db2.public.users. Once created the user can't be edited when logged into node2, but is editable in the default node. Have I missed something in the config or is there an issue with the jdbc overides not being picked up for the user creation code?

I would have expected that user accounts would be completely separate between multinode instances.



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