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Dear list,


we’re trying to implement INSPIRE application schema for hydrography physical waters. Currently we’re struggling to implement the hy-p:Shore FeatureType. We’re using a SQLFeatureStore configuration with deegree 3.4-RC3 and PostGIS 2.1.3 as backend.


The schema mandates for the geometry property a MultiSurface type. In our first approach we stored the geometry as (Multi)Polygon which produced (Multi)Polygon as GML output. This was not valid against the schema. So we converted the geometries to MultiSurface. But this results in following Exception, when requesting the named FeatureType:

  Unknown WKB type 12.


When querying the geometry in PostGIS as WKB it works like a charm. Also display of the geometries is working.


So I’m guessing deegree doesn’t support MultiSurface geometries. Is there a way to achieve this? Otherwise we can’t produce a schema valid GML.


Kind regards,


Dirk Thalheim


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