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More trouble importing data

Harry Sharp

I'm back.  And you thought I'd gone off to play with my toys...

I am trying (desparately) to import data from both a DXF and an
ARC/INFO UNGENERATE file, and getting absolutely nowhere.

I am following the directions in the GRASS Reference Manual and,
after kind suggestions from GRASS user's as to where to place my
ARC file, managed to get the function to read and convert
my file.  The function also obligingly read and converted
my file.

However, when I run on the files, I am told that there is
no category support file, and all values are 0.  This makes for a
very boring (read 'blank') file when viewed on a graphics monitor.
I have tried assigning a value of '1' to the support file, but there
doesn't seem to be anything to assign a value to.

The major question I have is, "What am I doing wrong?"

I don't have a copy of the User's Reference Guide (I just learned
there *was* such a thing - but I hope to find one soon) so please
try to be explicit with any suggestions.

As always, many thanks for any and all suggestions.

Harry Sharp
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