Mg 2.0.2: selection of n objects

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Mg 2.0.2: selection of n objects

Hi all
I extract n objects and I would to selection them
with mapguide 1.2 all ok, but with mapguide 2.0.2 it don't function
Can anybody help me?

var mapWidgetId = 'Map';
var Fusion =;
var mapWidget = Fusion.getWidgetById(mapWidgetId);

function ZoomTutti(piano)
var resultSelect = document.getElementById("resultSelect");
var n=resultSelect.length;
var selectionXml="";
for(var k=0; k<n; k++){
  reqParams += "&SESSION=" + encodeURIComponent(session);
  reqParams += "&MAPNAME=" + encodeURIComponent(mapName);
  reqParams += "&LAYERNAME=" + encodeURIComponent(piano);
  reqParams += "&IDLIST=" + results[resultSelect[k].value].idList.toJSONString();
  if (msie)
    reqHandler = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
     reqHandler = new XMLHttpRequest();"POST", "querycontroller.php", false);
     reqHandler.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");
     selectionXml += reqHandler.responseText;

  //parent.parent.mapFrame.SetSelectionXML(TrimString(selectionXml));//mg 1.2
  //parent.parent.ExecuteMapAction(10); //mg 1.2

  map.setSelection(sel, true);

bye bye Alba