Meetup April 23rd

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Meetup April 23rd

Daniel Cussen

It is likely Open Street Map Ireland will be meeting up in Dublin city
on Saturday April 23rd. I am organising the event and opening up and
closing up for them.

There is normally 10 to 15 open street map people there.

OSGeo Ireland could meet at the same time/before hand/afterwards or on
a different day at the same venue. I notice many of the OSGeo seem to
be job related so would a working weekday be better?

The venue we are using is near Dublin city centre. It is a club called
the Dublin Hackerspace TOG. Its goals align with your goals and there
are a few openstreetmap members. I have keys to open up and lock up
and there is lots of room .Weekdays we have reserved 3 parking
spaces, and evenings and weekend there is loads of free parking. It is
walkable from Georges street.

Here is the location:

If you wanted to meet on a weekday during office hours it would suit
me best sooner rather than later. What do you think?

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