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Paul Ramsey-2
OK, here is a summary of decisions made and tasks apportioned pursuant
to our Friday meeting @ Vivid Solutions:


The following items are large and small milestones. We are going to set
dates around the small ones and add details to the larger ones as the
small ones fall.

- Replicate JTS spatial model in C++
- Implement binary predicates
- Create "test runner" app to run JTS test suite against C++ library
- Implement spatial operators
  - Validate
  - Overlay
  - Buffer
- Memory management (purify?) tests to ensure code cleanliness
- Investigate robust spatial operators

Ongoing Requirements:

- In-code documentation. All code should be commented with Doxygen style
commenting so that API can be generated automatically from archive.
- Build control. Build control will be via gmake. Makefiles with an
'all' and a 'test' target should exist as soon as preliminary code is
complete. Once test runner is complete, 'make ; make test' should build,
run the test suite, and generate report.
- Build tests. Once code structure is in place, build and test regularly
on Linux, Solaris, Win32.

Delivery Dates:

- June 3 - JTS spatial model ported to C++ (object definitions,
constructors, accessors, all OpenGIS external API functions stubbed)
- June 21 - PointList based external API added to existing structures.
This very simple low-level access method will allow external programs to
create spatial objects very quickly from simple structures.

Action Items:

- Martin : Prepare work station for Yury to work on VividSolutions site
for first couple weeks.
- Yury : Begin work @ Vivid Solutions on week of May 20. Coordinate
arrival/work times with Martin.
- Chris : Investigate Doxygen internal documentation system and provide
reference information. Yury to follow Doxygen standards in code
- Dave : Simple road map of algorithms used in JTS. (A -> B -> C) (A
does this, B does that, C does the other)
- Paul : This status report. Complete project charter and post to web
site. Set up web site. Initiate CVS archive when spatial model is

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