Meaning of various parameters in Runtime statistics

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Meaning of various parameters in Runtime statistics


I am using geowebcache for my project.
These are my concerns:

1.) After integrating i couldn't figure out how to verify what effect did using webcache have on map operations. Couldn't find any documentation on this so thought runtime statistics could convey this and after comparison we can verify this but i am not sure about the various parameters like 'cache hit ratio' etc in 'Runtime statistics' on the homepage. It shows cache hit ratio is 100%, even when i did an operation on the map for the first time.

Please let me know if there is any documentation on the runtime statistics parameters or the steps to verify the improvement made when we use geowebcache.

2.) I am using Geowebcache 1.2.6, earlier i was using version 1.2.5. what is the difference between these two versions. Which is the latest version available? Also i read about new parameters like Priority, Throughput, Schedule in the seeding options but they are not in 1.2.6. Which version has these parameters?

I need it urgently for my project, so any help would be great.