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Hello all Mapserver friends,

It is Easter time. So I thought it was time to share one Mapserver Easter Egg that I have found.
In some old mapfile examples it seems like there is a method to get transparent color by giving a -1 for the red value.
This is not documented, so I started to experiment.

You can find my experiments here:

You can test the example yourself by running shp2img.

shp2img -m -o polygon-fill-rgb.png

So if You would like to get a nice yellow color for the chickens use: -5 -20 0
To get a nice Santa red color use: -2 200 200
For a nice green color for green plants: 128 -2 128
Finally -255 -255 -255 gives You black color.

Have fun and a good weekend.

Lars Schylberg

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