Mapbender and PHP 7.2

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Mapbender and PHP 7.2

Axel Schaefer

For the forthcoming release we are nibbeling with the PHP 7.2
compatibility and will therefore give two hints:

1.) For the release we will remove the apigen library (which is in the
    dev-section) and try to provide the API by hand. The Mapbender
    release will unfortunately not have the API-documentation.

2.) If you develop and install via Git, do it with composer install
    --no-dev or composer update --no-dev. Or remove the apigen line from
    composer.json and run composer update.

Otherwise the 7.2 compatibility in Mapbender looks good. It's the
libraries that took action. Apigen requires Nette/nette and although
Nette has fixed the 7.2 compatibility, Apigen now requires either
Symfony 2.6 or Symfony 3.3. We use 2.8.

Best regards
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