Mapbender Relase-Candidates for OSGeo Live

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Mapbender Relase-Candidates for OSGeo Live

Axel Schaefer
Hi Mapbender-Users.

For the OSGeo Live Update to the next DVD, we have provided some Release

They are available at:

- Build from 7.1 including documentation.

- mapbender3-starter- and Build from 7.2 without
  documentation (due to Apigen and nette/nette incompatibiliy).

They are set to work with SQLite. Since OSGeo live is shipped with
PostgreSQL 10, we cannot use that in the parameters.yml (since we cannot
provide support for PostgreSQL 10 yet).

We expect the final version to come next week. A nagging bug in the
Layertree was fixed and this will flow into the final version.

Best regards,
Axel Schaefer
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