Mapbender Project can ask fpr bugdet from OSGeo

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Mapbender Project can ask fpr bugdet from OSGeo

Astrid Emde (WhereGroup)
Hello Mapbender-PSC,

OSGeo is planning the budget for 2018 at the moment. OSGeo projects,
initiatives and committtees can ask for budget for the next year.


There will be a meeting about the bugdet at December 7th where the
decision about the budget will be made.

Please discuss in the PSC whether we as Mapbender project would like to
ask for budget. It could be budget for developer meetings, travel,
feature, webside relaunch f.e.

You can have a look what other projects asked for

Have a look at the following page to see what was spent in 2017

Please let us make a meeting as PSC and talk about this topic.

(as OSGeo Board Member and also as Mapbender PSC)
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