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Mapbender Branches: release/3.0.6

Axel Schaefer
Dear Mapbender-Developers.

With the forthcoming release we will make the following changes to the
branches and I want to clarify some things. The concept itself was
implemented with the 3.0.5 release and with the 3.0.6.x release we only
need to do these common switches.

1.) The master branch will be updated to the released tag/commit of If you want to checkout the source-code of a version, use this

2.) The development of bugfixes will go into the release/3.0.6 branch.
So if you want to live with the Source-Code and the newest Bugfixes on a
daily base, stick to the release/3.0.6 branch. We use this for testing,
so it may also contain errors or regressions that occur during fixing
but in general these release-branch was and is pretty stable.

Mapbender releases, and 3.0.6.x will be based on this
branch (and merged to master).

3.) Development of features will go into release/3.0.7 branch. This
branch will be merged irregular with the fixes from release/3.0.6.
Mapbender 3.0.7.x releases will be based on this branch.

4.) The release/3.0.5 branch was our codebase as long as we worked for
3.0.5. With the switch to 3.0.6 we changed the branch and merged them

Feature branches generally begin with feature/mynicefeature and bugfix
branches with hotfix/myprettybugfix.

To include the code into Mapbender release branches, we use the
Pull-Request mechanism of Github. There we can assign reviewers, if
needed and take a look at the proposed code.

Take a look at the CONTRIBUTING-Guide for details.

Hope that helps and have a nice day.


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