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I have a problem using the toolsets in the digitizer element. I am using the toolsets drawPoint, moveFeature, selectFeature, removeSelected in my map. The only one, that works correct is the drawPoint-tool, it creates a new point. When i use the other tools, i can move the element  on the map or delete it, but nothing is written in the database. If i move a point, i can edit it with the contextmenu and save it. In this way the changes are written into the database. If i select a feature for deletion i can delete it from the screen but it is not deleted in the database and appears again after refreshing the map. Deleting with the contextmenue is working fine.
In the documentation the tools selectFeature and removeSelected are marked as experimental, but the delete workflow is mentioned as working. also the moveFeature-tool is not marked as experimental, so i think i should work. When using the functions in the table everything works as expected. Did i miss something in the configuration?

Thank you in advance

Uwe Seher


This is the relevant part of the configuration:
  allowEditData: true
  allowDelete: true
  allowDigitize: true
  useContextMenu: true
      type: drawPoint
      type: moveFeature
      type: selectFeature
      type: removeSelected

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