MapServer Graduates OSGeo Incubation

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MapServer Graduates OSGeo Incubation

Frank Warmerdam
OSGeo is pleased to announce that the MapServer project has graduated from the
incubation process and is now a full fledged OSGeo project with Steve Lime
appointed as project representative (Vice President, MapServer).

MapServer is a web map server for building spatially enabled web applications.
  MapServer excels at rendering spatial data (maps, images, and vector data)
for the web, supporting a wide variety of geospatial input formats, and web
output formats.  MapServer supports a pure cgi mode, as well as developing
server applications in languages such as Python, perl, Java and c#.

Graduating incubation includes requirements for open community operation, a
responsible project governance model, code provenance and license verification
and general good project operation. Graduating incubation is the OSGeo seal of
approval for a project and gives potential users of the project added
confidence in the viability and safety of the project.

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