MapServer 5.4.2 released (also 5.2.3 and 4.10.5)

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MapServer 5.4.2 released (also 5.2.3 and 4.10.5)

Daniel Morissette
The MapServer team is pleased to announce the release of MapServer
version 5.4.2.

No new functionality has been added. This is a maintenance release that
fixes a few issues found in 5.4.1, including a new fix for security
vulnerability CVE-2009-0840 (ticket #2943) which was not completely
resolved in the previous releases.

The full 5.4.2 change log can be found at: 

The source code is available at:

Binary distributions linked from the same download page will follow
shortly. Windows users can now download MS4W 3.0 beta5 which contains
this release.

We encourage all users of pre-5.4 releases to upgrade to 5.4 as soon as
possible. However, for the convenience of those who cannot upgrade right
away, we have backported the security fixes and produced release
packages for 5.2.3 and 4.10.5 that are available in source form on the
same download page listed above.

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