MapServer 5.0.1 released

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MapServer 5.0.1 released

Daniel Morissette
MapServer 5.0.1 has just been released. This new release addresses a few
issues that were fixed since version 5.0.0 and contains no new
functionality. The list of fixes since 5.0.0 is included at the end of
this message, the full change log can also be browsed online at

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:
Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations
(also linked from the download page above).


Version 5.0.1 (2008-01-23)

- PDF: Set linecaps to round to fix disjoint lines.

- PHP/Mapscript: on a shape object union_geos function should be called

- SLD using a single BBOX filter should generate an SQL ststement for
   oracle/postgis/ogr (#2450)

- add missing space on dashed polygon outlines with svg (#2429)

- Restored behavior of MS 4.10 and made WMS STYLES parameter optional
   again in GetMap and GetFeatureInfo requests (#2427)

- fixed symbolsetObj not to set the SWIG immutable flag permanently
   don't expose refcount and the symbol attributes (Ticket #2407)

- mappdf.c: support output in fastcgi case via msIO_fwrite() (#2406)

- Avoid crash when generating error message (#2389)

- Added 1.0.1 to list of supported versions for connectiontype WMS
   layers (#2385)

- fixed blue/green color swapping for space delimited strings bound to an
   attribute. (#2378)

- [WMS Context] Fixed crash when loading a context file (#2372)

- Fixed legend icons not drawing when using maxscaledenom

- Fixed modulus operator in the parser (#2323)

- maprasterquery.c: Fix crash when queryies on done on raster layers with
   no styles (#2343)

- Improve out of memory handling in mapdrawgdal.c, and mapgd.c. (#2351)

- don't bail out in map parsing if the outputformat had to be modified

- Improve configuration logic for fastcgi (#2355).

- mapdraw.c,mapquery.c: Reset layer->project flag for each full layer
   or query so that need to reproject will be reconsidered (#673).

- mapogr.cpp: Use pooling api to ensure per-thread sharing of connections
   only (#2408)

- mapresample.c: Fixed support for multi-band data in RAW mode for bilinear
   and nearest neighbour resamplers (#2364).

- Fixed generation of nested layers in WMS Capabilities when using
   wms_layer_group metadata (#2312)