MapServer 4.10.1 released

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MapServer 4.10.1 released

Daniel Morissette
MapServer 4.10.1 has just been released. This new release addresses a
few issues that were fixed since version 4.10.0 and contains no new
functionality. The list of fixes since 4.10.0 is included at the end of
this message, the full change log can also be browsed online at

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:
Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations
(also linked from the download page above).


Version 4.10.1 (2007-02-15)

- Fixed text outline problem. (bug 2027)

- Fix support for OFFSITE for simple greyscale rasters (bug 2024).

- Ignore MS_DELETE layers in msWriteMapContext() (bug 2011)

- Fixed problem with WMS CONNECTION strings that contains a layer name
   with a "." in them (bug 1996)

- Enabled setting of a layer tileindex (e.g. map_layername_tileindex)
via the
   CGI program. (bug 1992)

- Added feature to the CGI to check runtime substitutions against patterns
   defined in layer metadata. (bug 1918)

- Fixed INCLUDEs to accept paths relative to the location of the mapfile
   (bug 1880)

- maperror.c: fix long in-image error message wrapping (bug 1963)

- maperror.c: fix closing of stderr/stdout after writing error msg (bug

- Fixed setRotation() to check for MS_SUCCESS, not MS_TRUE (bug 1968)

- sde->row_id_column needs to be initialized to NULL in msSDELayerOpen
   (bug 1953)

- fix mapogr rule so that it works with regular make (not

- Fixed bug in loadExpressionString (bug 1948)

- Fix possible gdal-related build problem by including gdal-config
   in GDAL_LIBS (bug 2004)