MapServer 4.10.0 released

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MapServer 4.10.0 released

Daniel Morissette
The MapServer team is proud to announce the release of MapServer 4.10.0.

The MapServer 4.10.0 source package can be downloaded from and the various binery
distributions should start offering this new release soon.

MapServer 4.10 introduces the following new features (and much more):

  - MS RFC 9: Item tag for query templates
  - MS RFC 11: Support for Curved Labels
  - MS RFC 13: SOS support
  - MS RFC 14: Relative Coordinates for INLINE features
  - MS RFC 16: MapScript WxS Services
  - MS RFC 18: Encryption of passwords in mapfiles
  - Web Map Context (WMC) 1.1 support
  - SLD support in Web Map Context
  - Mapfile includes
  - GEOS rewrite to use C API and new methods exposed

The complete RFC documents are available at

Of course, this release also brings a large number of small enhancements
and bug fixes that didn't deserve their own RFC and aren't listed above.
A more complete list of changes/fixes is included in the file
HISTORY.TXT in the source package and can also be viewed online at

A migration guide for users going from MapServer 4.8 (or older) to 4.10
is included in the source distribution as MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT and can
also be viewed online at

It is expected that this will be the last 4.x release and the next
release should be version 5.0 likely sometimes in the first months of
2007. The 5.0 roadmap will be discussed on the -dev list in the next few

And finally, big thanks to everyone who helped make this release
possible: developers, doc/website maintainers, testers and other

-- The MapServer Team