[MapProxy] Source requests gets 401 - ok after reload of Apache

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[MapProxy] Source requests gets 401 - ok after reload of Apache

Hi list

We have lately started to see a very strange behavior in two instances of Mapproxy 1.10.0 running as WSGI app with Apache 2.4.6.

After a couple of days of running fine, suddenly all source requests to a remote WMS-server starts to get 401 as response. 
This is a wms server protected with basic auth where the url of source is configured like http://user:password@.../wms

After a reload of apache (no restart is required) the source requests are returned as 200 again and everything works fine for another few days.

I can´t find anything in Apache or Mapproxy logs indicating something wrong.

Anyone who have seen this problem or has any idea on how to find what is wrong?


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