[MapProxy] Overriding cache-only WMTS GetCapabilities reponse.

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[MapProxy] Overriding cache-only WMTS GetCapabilities reponse.

Smart, Gary               Export License Required - US Collins

I am using MapProxy to serve an MBTiles file (treated as a cache only source) as a WMTS.  The getCapabilities response from such a WMTS has a BBox -180/-85 to 180/85.  However, I know that the tiles in the set are much more localised and wish to impose a BBox ans min/max scale on the layer.  Unfortunately there appears to be no way to apply a BBox to a cache (only to a source – which this scenario doesn’t have because the whole tile set is served from the MBTiles file as if it were a cache).

Is it possible to impose a BBox on a cache, and if not, is it possible to otherwise correct the GetCapabilities response?


The Cache part of the YAML is:




      sources: []

      grids: [GLOBAL_MERCATOR]


                type: mbtiles

                filename:  /location/of/my/file.mbtiles


There are no sources in the YAML.


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