[MapProxy] One MapProxy WMS service with layers in different projections

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[MapProxy] One MapProxy WMS service with layers in different projections

We have 2 pre-tiled map services to serve maps in 2 OpenLayers viewers in their respective projections, 1). a world set in Web Mercator EPSG:3857 and, 2). a local set in a National mapping projection.

For users requiring the maps in a WMS, we set up a MapProxy service with 2 LAYERS pointing to the 2 tile sets respectively as their SOURCES. We would like the 2 layers to display in their native projections from the same WMS service BUT we have an issue such that, for example, when I open the service in ArcGIS desktop and drag in the local map WMS layer, it displays fine as expected but when I drag the Web Mercator WMS layer (in a new session), it always displays it in the local projection rather than Web Mercator leading to a very distorted initial map. An experienced ArcGIS user could easily set the view projection accordingly to rectify that.

I wanted to know whether the MapProxy/WMS config could allow the 2 WMS layers to display in their native projections?

I am guessing is issue is with the client software reading the SRS list in the order they are presented in the getCapabilities and always uses the 1st SRS by default. Here is a simplified copy of our YAML:

    srs: ['EPSG:xxxx','EPSG:3857']
      title: Map Service
      abstract: Map Service

  - name: Map Service WMS
    title: Map Service WMS
    - name: maps_in_xxxx
      title: Maps in xxxx projection
      sources: [map_xxxx_cache]
    - name: maps_in_3857
      title: Maps in Web Mercator projection
      sources: [map_3857_cache]

    grids: [map_xxxx_grid]
    sources: [map_xxxx_source]
    grids: [map_3957_grid]
    sources: [map_3857_source]

    type: tile
    grid: map_xxxx_grid
    url: <a href="http://ourtileserver.com/xxxx/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png">http://ourtileserver.com/xxxx/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png
    type: tile
    grid: map_3957_grid
    url: <a href="http://ourtileserver.com/3857/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png">http://ourtileserver.com/3857/%(z)s/%(x)s/%(y)s.png



Any help or advice greatly appreciated.


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