[MapProxy] New MapProxy 1.13.0 release

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[MapProxy] New MapProxy 1.13.0 release

Johannes Weskamm

We just released version 1.13.0 of MapProxy!

You can grab it as usual from https://pypi.org/project/MapProxy/

To upgrade within your virtualenv:

    $ pip install --upgrade --no-deps MapProxy

Updated documentation is available at: https://mapproxy.org/docs/1.13.0/

Here are the major changes:

    * Proj: Support for PROJ>=5 via pyproj.
    * Services: New hide_exception_url option to hide source URLs.
    * Tile sources: Support ‘@’ in URL path (e.g. /0/0/[hidden email])

    * Various fixes for Python 3.8 compatibility.
    * WMS: Always query WMS server in supported SRS.
    * Fix warnings for tagged layer sources in layers.
    * Demo: Fix capabilites “as HTML” when running behind a proxy

Best regards,

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