[MapProxy] GetFeatureInfo and what it returns

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[MapProxy] GetFeatureInfo and what it returns

Brian Wilson

I am working with a set of elevation services, for example I have one for Bare Earth LiDAR where one service provides a hillshade and the other provides elevation in feet as a queryable service.

The source for these services is an ArcGIS ImageServer.
My web app is built using ESRI Web AppBuilder.

Question #1 -- I managed to put together a MapProxy config that gives me the option of putting a popup in a map but I don't know how to control what appears in the popup. See below. It's awful: :-)

Question #2 -- I am not sure how to put the config together. I have the idea that I should create a layer with two sources, the visible hillshade layer and the featureinfo elevation layer in the hopes that the combined layer would show as one in the map. I will pour over the docs again especially the examples but suggestions would be helpful!.

I published the map here so you can look at what I have right now.

I put the YAML files into github -- the one for the elevations is called lidar-2020.yaml 

Right now when I enable PopUp on Highest Hit and click on the map this comes up in the popup:

ArcGIS REST Services DirectoryLogin | Get Token
Home > services > lidar > DIGITAL_SURFACE_MODEL_MOSAIC (ImageServer) > identifyHelp | API Reference


Return Geometry: 
Return Catalog Items: 
 "objectId": 0,
 "name": "Pixel",
 "value": "NoData",
 "location": {
  "x": -1.3786533171462E7,
  "y": 5809825.382765,
  "spatialReference": {
   "wkid": 102970,
   "latestWkid": 6557,
   "vcsWkid": 5703,
   "latestVcsWkid": 5703
 "properties": {},
 "catalogItems": {
  "objectIdFieldName": "OBJECTID",
  "features": []
 "catalogItemVisibilities": []

Brian Wilson

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