[MapProxy] Error "invalid BBox" while generating new WMTS

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[MapProxy] Error "invalid BBox" while generating new WMTS

Reto Wick

Hi everyone


I'm new to the Mapproxy mailing list. This is my first post in here.


We're using Mapproxy 1.12 for generating WMTS services. As a source I usually use our WMS services hosted on a QGIS server. So far I've only generated WMTS with EPSG:2056, which always ran through successfully.

Now for a specific usecase a WMTS in EPSG:4326 is needed.


Therefor I've defined a new grid as follows (the only change from our usually used grid is the "srs", the rest is identical):



        srs: 'EPSG:4326'

        bbox: [2670000,1212000,2698000,1235000]

        bbox_srs: 'EPSG:2056'

        tile_size: [512,512]

        origin: nw

        # resolutions: meter per pixel

        res: [

            # res  level    scale @96.0 DPI

            50,   #  0      188976

            20,   #  1      75591

            10,   #  2      37795

            5,    #  3      18898

            2.5,  #  4      9449

            1,    #  5      3779.5

            0.5,  #  6      1890

            0.25, #  7      945

            0.1,  #  8      378

            0.05  #  9      189



When starting the process, I get an error stating "mapproxy.grid.GridError: Invalid BBOX".


As I understand, the bbox does not need to be specified in the same EPSG as the grid ("srs"), as long as I use specify the "bbox_srs".

I've already tried defining the bbox in the same EPSG as "srs", without success.


What seems weird to me: when changing "srs: EPSG:4326" to "srs: EPSG:2056" everything works fine, without a bbox-error occuring. Despite the exact same bbox definition as before.



Thank you very much for any advice/hint that could contribute to a solution.


kind regards


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