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Jeroen van Onzen | Oculus Technologies
Hi all,

I forked the project of MapProxy to implement support for non-imagery tiles. I setup a Virtual Machine with Debian, and that is working fine.

I have a couple of questions however:
1) How to create a new Windows Version?
2) How to debug the service with a specific yaml-configuration?

Instead of the extension FeatureServerInfo, ESRI Development uses f?json.
In which code part is this handled? 

Then I would love some assistance of course;
I found the email thread https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/mapproxy/2016-January/002291.html

But any other input is nice.

I would love to push the code back, but therefor I need more knowledge about the system. 

With regards,

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Jeroen van Onzen


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