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MapGuide Open Source is a web-based platform that enables users to quickly develop and deploy web mapping applications and geospatial web services.

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by _Jon_
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by Luiz Marcio Viana-3
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by Jackie Ng
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by jobclif
Hi Team, Please Help in this... I am trying to add temporary layer by using Mapguide3.1.2 and server side code, layer is visible in the legend box at 0 position but layer is not visible in the map my code is as below: I kept my SHP files in the PostGIS Database. //////////////////////... 0 0
by mohansiraskar
I am new to Maestro and I'm having trouble adding a graphic to represent points. Here are my steps. 1. I add a new Simple Simple definition resource 2. Select Edit as XML 3. Select the Add button and choose my .png file 4. In the graphics section I click add, chose image and select the re... 0 0
by smadajamesb
hi there, i'm using mapguide 2.2 and IE8 on Windows XP while am developing my application i have faced a problem around the selection ,my problem is when i select a feature from a specific layer its get selected but when i do uncheck this layer from the legend area this layer is going to be hi... 0 0
by tharwat2020
Is it possible to connect to a folder with shapefiles without converting each shapefile from this folder As far as I understood using unmanaged recources you have to manually work with each shapefile of the folder. What if you have hundrends or thousands of shapefiles? 1 1
by Jackie Ng
i m using map guide open source on windows xp sp2 along with maestro 3.5 . in our firm we regularly meet .dwg files. in my customized mapping application i have made a functionality to view a map in dwf files. therefore i have to first convert these dwg files in respective def files and to store... 0 0
by saurabh02
Hi, I am new on this forum. I want to know the basic usage of CS_Map library in my project. If anybody could guide me the basic tutorial or basic sample application (hello world application) using this library. Also guide me is it the right place to post CS_Map library related questions over ... 1 1
by Jackie Ng
Hello Does anyone know what is the proper way to extract a layer from an Autocad file in order to convert it in shapefile. My autocad file (dwg, dxf) has up to 40 layers. When i try to convert it in shp, it doesn't work, probably because is too loaded with layers. However, I cannot find a wa... 0 0
by dimdeld
I have my map all setup and I have implemented the query script. It works, but I have dropdowns that display the values included in the columns of the attribute table. In some cases the attributes of each field get populatd numerically or alphabetically but in other cases the values are all rand... 0 0
by Sean Gibson
Autogenerated Id's (FeatId) becomes unordered after deleting features. If you want them get ordered again it can be done only with Bulk Copy in Autodesk Map. Maybe it woluld be a nice feature in Maestro? 0 0
by Alen
Hello everyone, I’m not sure if this is the place to post supporting issues but I’m using MapGuide 2.0.2 and this is what I get after using the measurement tool for the second time. I’ve installed the engine of Windows 2003 R2 SP2 x64 with all the updates to frameworks 2.0. I have reinstalled... 0 0
by @mguser
Hi, Iam Anand. Iam using windows server 2003 operating system and when i have installed mapguide 2.0 and configured with iis everything worked fine but after a day when i again log on to mapguide maestro it shows error as "The remote server returned and error: (401) Unauthorized".... 0 0
by anand
Hello, i'm using mapguide 2.1 and i have a problem when i want to use base layer groups(tiles) in fusion! i have some different groups and i want to display all of them on the map but just the upper group is displayed on the map, and when i unchecked it in the legend it remains visible on the ... 0 0
by Mohammad
.. hi i have a problem about google maps and mapguide the two maps are over layed but when i use to zoom and pan t doesnt work please help me my mapguide is and my mapguide maestro is 2.1.4 any help is appreciated thank in advanced 0 0
by darkemery
Hi All, I'm developing an application in php that is linked to a mapguide site that uses flexible forms. Users call a page from Mapguide that displays a table with all the records of the layer. Users apply different filters to the table and then click on a button that calculates the coordina... 0 0
by Leonardo Parra
*Fatal error*: Call to undefined function MgInitializeWebTier() in *C:\Program Files\MapGuideOpenSource2.0\WebServerExtensions\www\mapadmin\login.php* on line *70 *I'm getting the above error when i logon to* Open site Administrator* tab in the *File* menu of *MapGuide Maestro*. Any one... 0 0
by anand