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MapGuide 2.6 RC1

Bastian Martinschledde



can anyone tell me where i can download the 2.6 RC1 version of MapGuide?


Thanks, Bastian

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Re: MapGuide 2.6 RC1

Jackie Ng

Is there any reason why you're after an RC release? The latest stable version of this series is 2.6.1 (released last month), the final release of 2.6.0 was released last year, and RC1 of 2.6.0 is older than that.

Note that betas and RCs of old MapGuide releases are not guaranteed to stay around forever. If we ever need to free up disk space on the OSGeo download server (we've hit the quota in the past), these old betas and RCs would be the first to be removed.

- Jackie